old country lawn

Saturday, 28 April 2012

28th April, 2012

Getting ready for our first Farm Walk of the year, tomorrow morning : 'Discovering the Birds of Traditional Orchards', led by Simon Barker, who works for the National Trust and has visited these orchards often. The weather is not good and it looks as though the whole thing may have to be called off!  This is a great shame as several people have been very kind in helping me to publicise these walks, and there looked to be a good turnout.  We were to have learnt about redstarts, woodpeckers (including the smaller spotted), blackcaps, garden warblers and nightingales.
These walks are held as a result of us joining the Higher Level Stewardship Scheme, which gives us a basic payment towards hosting them and allows the public to get a better idea of what it does and what we do here. There is to be a walk on the Botany of the farm on 20th May, 11 am, led by Gerald Dawe,  and another on caring for hedges and orchards on 9th June, led by Janet Lomas.  Later in the year there will be our usual Bat evening, with barbeque, which is always enjoyable.