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Monday, 4 August 2014

News about a new Walk to be held here at Old Country Farm, led by
Denise Foster
Bat Co-ordinator, Herefordshire Mammal Group

Old Country Wood is hosting a Bat Experience Evening being run by the Herefordshire Mammal Group (HMG) on Saturday 9th August (19.30 pm till late).  Old Country Wood has a long term bat box scheme of 100 boxes scattered around the wood.  These boxes are currently being used by one of the UK’s rarest bats, Bechstein’s Bats.  A box check during the day will hopefully seek out one or two individuals for us to see in the hand in the evening.   HMG will then be placing traps around the wood to catch other bat species, starting at sunset which is 20.45 hrs.  This bat research  is part of a Herefordshire Woodland Bat Project comparing deciduous woodlands with plantations to determine what species favour each type of woodland and to gauge the amount of bat activity within each wood.    All bats caught will be identified and various biometrics taken for the project.  This is a good opportunity to  experience bats close up which is out of range for most people.

This event is weather permitting.

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